Hawaii is the best place for a conference in
Come Explore Hawaii, and see the the Flash Camp Hawaii this summer. The conference will showcase the best in flash gaming, both in 2-D as well as 3-d using Away 3D, and best of all it is FREE!
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Flash Camp HawaiiFlash Camp Hawaii is a free flash gaming event in Honolulu sponsored by Adobe

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Flash Camp Hawaii

Besides the usual talks we plan to have live workshops read more

  • ART

    Art is very important in flash games, it could make or break your game. We all want a cool looking game

  • Design

    Their will be lots of opportunity to learn or improve on your flash game designs & animations as well

  • Programing

    AS 3 & AIR will be the tools that the conference will be covering, great chance for learning!

  • Networking

    Flash Camp Hawaii will be a great place to meet the pros, and make friends with other gamers too!

  • Conference

    Learn more about the camp, prices, location, speakers, schedule, and everything else you need to know.

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